Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress

As I ascend the steps to the entrance of the building I see her gazing out the window wistfully from the third floor. Her eyes slowly scan the world below from right and left as if to say, “who will rescue me?” Other than the sorrowful moans from her broken heart, she is voiceless, and her wordless pleas are ignored. Her window faces an elementary school, so day after day hundreds of people walk by her window, but never sense her presence.

She spies me as I reach the top step of the entryway and for a brief moment our eyes meet. As soon as I make it to the hallway of the third floor I hear her calling out to me. The turning of the key in the top lock amplifies the volume of her cries. Can others hear her? Do they think she’s been kidnapped and being held against her will.

Twisting the doorknob, then I push it open and she runs up and rubs her face against my calves. I bend down to pick her up and proceed to stroke her back the cry softens and turns into a purr. Raising her head to offer her chin to me, her sweet spot, she now has completely calmed down because I am the rescuer.

She was acquired a few months ago from Tails High after being abandoned in an apartment, but over the last few months she has been there for me in more ways than one. After a rough day at work, she’s always there to greet me with love. When I feel homesick for my family back home she makes me smile when I throw her toys that she gladly loves to wrestle. Sometimes she will dart across room to chase down imaginary prey and this is hysterical. Even though she will sometimes try to sit on my lap top while I am working, I don’t mind. I even envy her openness about wanting affection.

For the price of warm, safe, shelter, food, water, and daily playtime, she brings me endless hours of joy and the truth is that the damsel in distress that was rescued was me.

Thanks Tabitha Mabel!