About Us

Our Organization

Tails High Cat Rescue is a foster home-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit run 100% by passionate volunteers, helping cats and kittens in the Washington Metropolitan area, based in Alexandria, Virginia. All of our cats and kittens are in loving foster homes until they are ready for adoption. We do not have a physical shelter space and depend on the kindness of our volunteers to open their homes and hearts to kitties in need in order to fulfill our mission. 

Our Philosophy

Tails High makes a concerted effort to assist the local community in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. We believe that saving cats in our “own backyard” is essential to supporting our community. We occasionally assist cats from other areas, typically due to specific medical or behavioral needs we feel specially suited to assist with. Our group aims to get cats and kittens off the streets and into homes where they are safe, so we often help orphan kittens, queens with litters of kittens, friendly strays and cats and kittens with health concerns needing urgent medical attention. We believe every cat deserves an advocate and miracles can happen. This often leaves us to step in and say “yes” when other rescues have unfortunately had to say no. Our cats come from all walks of life and some have had a very sad beginning, which means we only work harder to give them everything they deserve. We root for the underdog – well, cat – and oftentimes go far beyond what a standard animal rescue might have a means to do when it comes to saving a life.

Our Cats

All our cats and kittens come from various backgrounds and beginnings. As we say, every cat deserves a loving advocate, so our kitties can be very different. We work very hard to provide excellent vet care from the time a cat or kitten comes into rescue. Additionally, we triage what each kitty needs from us in their foster home, prior to making them available for adoption. Because of the time we put into getting to know each and every one of our cats, we are specially positioned to be able to find their best match in a forever home. We take time to get to know their personalities, likes/dislikes and needs before sending them off to their future families. Each of cats and kittens are spayed/neutered prior to going to their forever home because we are adamantly concerned with doing our part to stop the overpopulation of cats in our communities. Spaying and neutering when age appropriate is key to ensuring the health of your cat and also stoping the cycle of reproduction. We also ensure our cats and kittens have age appropriate core vaccines to protect them from illnesses and get them started on a healthy path prior to adoption. We combo test our cats and kittens for feline leukemia and FIV and would disclose test results at the time of adoption. Our kitties are also microchipped prior to adoption to ensure they have added security should they ever get away from their family, but we do not permit our cats to ever be outdoor. As a “cage-free” shelter, our cats are fostered in homes with other cats, dogs, and children when possible. We spend a lot of time playing and cuddling with our rescue kitties, as well as socializing them, and making sure they learn to love their people as much as their people love them. We believe we have a cat for everyone, if they are ready to love unconditionally and prove they are committed to a cat as a family member to cherish for their lifetime.