Tails High is a foster-based organization. We don’t have a single facility to house our cats. Rather, when they’re not showing themselves off at adoption events, they live in foster homes with families so they can be socialized until their forever families adopt them. The number of cats we can rescue is directly related to the number of homes we have to place them in. Nearly half of our first-time fosters fall in love with their first foster and end up adopting. We’re always happy when a cat finds a forever home, but it means that we are on a constant search for new foster families.

If you’re thinking of adopting a cat, please consider the possibility of becoming a foster family for a little while first. You can fill out the form below to contact our volunteer coordinator for more detailed information about the foster program.

What does it mean to be a foster parent?

At Tails High, we believe that cats need to be loved and cuddled and taught good habits so that they will be social and affectionate when they are adopted. Therefore, we do not have a facility where we keep our cats. Instead, they live in the homes of our volunteer foster families with their animals and children until they are adopted.

As a foster parent, you can watch a litter of babies reach their milestones before your eyes. First they open their eyes, then they learn to crawl, play, walk, run, climb, jump, start eating real food, use the litter box, get into mischief… and right about that time they are old enough to be adopted.

If kittens aren’t your preference, you can give safe haven to an adult cat and be the one who restores and nurtures its faith in humanity by providing a loving home until its forever home is found.

Does fostering cost anything?

As a Foster, you just open your heart and home and provide the love and affection the cat or kittens need. Tails High provides all the food, litter, veterinary care, and any other expenses or supplies necessary for the care of the kitties.

Am I eligible to foster?

Many of our foster families work during the day, have children, and have other pets of their own. We find that cats and kittens raised in homes with large dogs and small kids make fantastic pets, so don’t let these things prevent you from volunteering with us. We will match you up to the right foster cat or kittens depending on your situation and wants/needs.

What if I have questions about my foster kittens?

Being a new foster, like being a new parent, means having all kinds of questions. Especially with baby kittens, every sneeze and tumble can be worrisome. In addition to providing training, we give our new fosters a foster buddy/mentor who they can call any time, day or night for support.

If I agree to foster, how long do I keep the cat(s)?

That is up to you. We are flexible and appreciate any amount of time you can offer. Some of our Fosters like to have new kitties cycle through frequently so they don’t get too attached to anyone, and others like to give a stable environment to the skittish kitties who need to learn how to trust humans. If you find that your foster cats are not a good match for you for any reason, we’ll work with you to swap them to another set within a few days.

What if I’m in the military and there is the chance I’ll get shipped out suddenly?

Don’t let that stop you from fostering! We understand your constraints and we’ll make sure we have a quick backup plan for you. If you’re a pet lover who can’t own an animal because you’re constantly on the move, fostering is a great way to have a cat without the responsibility of ownership.

How do I become a Foster?

Our biggest need at the moment is for families willing to foster kitties until they can be adopted because the number of fosters we have determines the number of cats we can rescue. Please fill out the form below to let us know if you are able to open your home to some cats or kittens.



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