Kittens! Believe it or not, there were 5 of them curled up in this kitten hammock last season. They were too young to go home when this photo was taken and since then they’ve all grown bigger and have been adopted.

There’s a break now but we anticipate a new kitten season to start again soon with hundreds of kittens starting to be born again in this area. At that time, we’ll be in need of kitten foster homes where two or more kittens can be temporarily housed and cared for under our guidance. Let us know if you want more information about joining the Tails High Foster Team!


Myrtle and Lea, Females, Kittens

Myrtle and Lea

Myrtle and Lea are siblings that came from an estate in Front Royal when they were just tiny little girls. They’re playful kittens that have a ton of fun doing normal kitten shenanigans and keeping one another entertained all day long. They would like to go to their new home together as they are bonded and will make a wonderful pair of kitties for the right forever family. Please message us if you’re interested in meeting these adorable sisters.

Miri, Female, 4 Months Old


Miri is short for miracle, the name she was given at the shelter, and she is a very unique, pretty girl. She’s about four months or so and because she’s a kitten needs a cat friend in her new home. She’s a very sweet girl and enjoys being petted and spending time with her good friend Copper and the two of them could make a good pair in a new home! Please message us if you’re interested in meeting this beautiful girl.

Copper, Female, 5 Months Old


This beautiful 5 month old girl has a coat that feels like chinchilla fur! She was found at a feeding site in Maryland and came to Tails High when she was a little girl. She is very sweet and will lay on her foster mom’s lap kneading whatever she can touch. Because she’s a kitten she needs to have another cat friend in her new home. She’s reportedly one of her foster mom’s favorite kitties but shhh don’t tell the others! Please message us if you’re interested in meeting this beautiful girl.

Bangs, Male, 6 Months Old


Bangs was obviously named for his black markings that look like an adorable hair cut but beyond his unique hairstyle he is also just the sweetest cuddliest guy around. He will sit next to you with his feet on your legs to be close and loves to be hugged. He came to Tails High from Front Royal where he was living outdoors but was clearly too friendly to live outside on his own. This 6 month old boy will make a wonderful companion. Please message us if you’re interested in meeting this handsome guy.