The Story of Spinny’s Eye

Spinnaker (aka Spinny) was found with his brother and sisters inside the hull of a boat–their mother had abandoned them and there was no one left to care for them. Soon after taking in the kittens Spinny’s eye became extremely infected and would not heal despite round the clock home care.Spinny was referred to Dr. Micki Armour of the Eye Care for Animals in Leesburg, VA, who unfortunately said that his eye would need to be removed.

Spinny was rushed into surgery the next day and was taken home by Becky one of the Vet Tech’s that works with Dr. Armour who cared for Spinny for the rest of the week.

Now that Spinny is recovering and doing well we are asking for donations to help us cover the costs of his veterinary care and his medications. No amount is too small and we appreciate any donation that is made. If you can help us with Spinny’s care please click on the Chipin donation link to the right.

In addition, Spinny will soon be well enough to be put up for adoption, but don’t let his disability fool you he is a vibrant active kitten who is just looking for a loving home and maybe a playmate to pass the time with. If you would like to make Spinny a part of your family please contact Tails High at 703-819-5240.