Abigail needs our help!

Originally we heard this pretty girl with some old injuries and her kitten simply needed a new home and to leave a local shelter as soon as possible. Then we received word that another group sponsored some x-rays for Abigail because her back legs seemed stiff and found that her pelvis is broken in 3 locations — and this is a new injury! They suspect she has been hit by a car. Through all of this, she has continued to care for and nurse her one (possibly sole surviving) kitten. We’ve been told she’s about a year old, friendly, allows holding and even purrs.

Tails High has decided to take Abigail in as one of ours, provide her the necessary treatment, help her to heal and then find both her and her baby good, loving new homes.

She will be coming to us on Friday evening and will have an initial veterinary assessment on Saturday.

We don’t know yet if she’ll need surgery or what her recovery care might entail or cost but if you find it in your heart to help, we will accept donations via PayPal, by check, or by cash on her behalf. No donation is too small, it all helps. Please remember to note on your donation this is for Abigail’s surgery, general care, or a specific segment of her care.