The Scratching Post – 2016 Issue No. 2

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Happy New Year
from Ashe & Chubz!

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Your financial contributions have helped us provide food and supplies for our long & short-term residents including the 70 kittens we rescued this season.

Icy and Stella came to us as untouchable semi-ferals and now two years later they purr & flirt when asking for pets and attention. Rosy Nelson, an old girl who came to us months ago, was skin and bones weighing less than five pounds; she’s happy and slowly gaining weight . And Sprite who came to us as a kitten tested positive for Leukemia and now has a lifetime home with one of our volunteers.

We have been able to provide life saving medical care for Morris with severe heart disease who must have a $750 echocardiogram twice a year and three different daily medications. Then there’s Jimmy Stewart, another cardiac patient needing an echocardiogram once a year and daily medications. Epiphany needs life-long daily thyroid medication. All of these cats are receiving our on-going financial support.
In addition, we have been able to provide basic preventative medical care, and covered hundreds of spay & neuter surgeries, as well as the necessary vaccinations for all of our cats and kittens because of donors and volunteers like you!
For all you have done and for all you may do,
the kitties and volunteers of Tails High
By making a tax deductible donation you can help us ensure all of our kitties are healthy, fed and have a safe home while in our care.
No amount is too small and because we are an all volunteer organization, 100% of your donation goes toward helping our kitties.
If you received our card in the mail, thank you for your ongoing support. If you have not received a card but would like one in the future, please send us your mailing address.
Consider becoming a Tails High volunteer, tell us how you can help!

Ashe & Chubz, sibilings who were abandoned at a veterinary clinic at 3 weeks old. We bottle fed them until they were eating on their own.  Chubz has found her new home, Ashe and brother Tangereen are still waiting.
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