The Scratching Post – 2015 Issue No. 1

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New Year’s Resolutions
Make a new year’s resolution for your cats. In humans, the top new year’s resolutions include: losing weight, exercising more and learning something new–these can easily apply to our furry friends as well. Keep reading to find out how.
Loose Weight
According to a 2011 study approximately 50% of cats are overweight. This exposes our feline friends to conditions like diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease and arthritis. In humans a couple of extra pounds is not a big deal, but in general an extra kitty pound is equivalent to approximately 13 human pounds!

Drastically cutting your cat’s food in half however, can be just as dangerous as those pesky extra pounds. It is important that you work with your veterinarian to come up with a plan that will allow your cat to safely loose weight.  Read More about Cat Obesity.



It is important for your kitty to get exercise. Not only does it help prevent obesity, but it relieves anxiety and stress, and keeps your cat from getting bored; a bored cat is more likely to have destructive behavior.


How much exercise should your kitty get? About 10 min twice a day.


Here are some ways to get your kitty to exercise:

Toys: Cats in the wild have a natural instinct for stalking and hunting prey. Most toys that replicate this type of behavior will be sure to engage your kitty. Here are a few of our favorite toys:

  • Fur Mice: Always entertaining and the best ones are filled with catnip and/or make a rattling noise when you shake them. Some cats can even be trained to “fetch”, meaning you throw it, they race to get it and bring it back to you.
  • Cat Catcher Teaser Wand: you can get your cat to hunt and chase the mouse at the end of this toy and younger cats will jump very high to get their paws on the mouse. Be careful to put these types of toys away when playtime is over, cats can easily injure themselves on the strings by eating them or getting tangled up in them.
  • Yellow Banana: filled with catnip I have yet to see a cat resist this toy. It also promotes self-play!

Cat Trees and Scratchers: While they can take up a lot of space, cat trees promote agility by letting your feline climb and scratch and many have cubbies that cats can use to sneak up on an unsuspecting toy mouse that might be nearby.


A Buddy: None of us get to spend as much time with our furry friends as we like and most of us would rather cuddle than play when we do see them. One way to get your cat exercising if you fall into this trap is to get him/her a buddy. Cats who have been properly socialized together will chase each other, wrestle and in general keep each other from getting bored.


Learning Something New:

Cats can be trained! While cats can be stubborn and considered difficult to work with, it is possible to train your cat to do basic and more complex things using positive reinforcement and their very favorite treats.Read more about how to train your cat. If you would like help training your cat please send us an email and our resident trainer will be in touch.


Not able to devote that much time? Consider getting a toy that makes your cat think. For the most part, these toys work by hiding a treat within the toy and forcing your cat to solve a puzzle in order to get the tasty treat. Here are a few examples (note most of these are sold as dog toys, but work well for cats too!):

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New Year’s Resolutions
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Fun Facts
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