Happy Valentine from Sigma and Louise

Sigma is a cat with “history” wrapped about his little silver body. What a Tails High story — is there any one of us who doesn’t recall his rescue by Betty, the naming of his litter with all those Greek names (Alpha, Beta, Delta etc.), or the dramatic, courageous commitment of Ken and Claudia when his unheard-of physical ailment was discovered (prolapsed rectum! yikes……). Claudia enfolded and held him through all those months of risky surgeries (I never at any time saw her without Sigma in her arms!) and both of you enveloped him in all the unconditional love and belief he needed. He survived it all, and was at last taken home by a most endearing young couple……….

Times change and people move on, and Sigma was recently returned to our fold. Our commitment to him held fast and Kelley yesterday called upon him for Petco DC, along with Louise, Joyce’s foster — a newly-arrived tiny sprightly lass with a plumy gray tail who clearly had her sights on better things than that miserable cage at Petco, this close to St. Valentine’s Day!

Quickly they settled in together. Louise, by Sigma’s side, groomed him as he napped, then nestled in right on top of him! As the snowstorm howled and the winds began, Leslie, Jenny and I watched them sleep with love and acceptance in their hearts. We thought, no adopter will come here today, but it’s okay because these two happy souls and we are all safe and warm. No harm done at least, if no rescue in sight…..

HOW little did we know. Outside, one singularly hearty pair of neighbors, Kate and Stephen, out walking in the storm, noticed our sign at Petco. They laughingly imagined a “bonded pair” of kitties to rescue, to celebrate their own happy marriage and good life! What a lark! Good naturedly they bounded down the stairs of our ancient Petco and walked in upon…..the scene described above. They absolutely froze. It was exactly the scene they had imagined. Two soft, silvery cats entwined in sleep together. As they spent the afternoon holding Sigma and Louise one by one, learning their detailed stories, taking a million photos for the family and “Grandma,” they slowly and eventually came to realize that this was a kind of predestined event for them. No accident at all. These two animals were in fact their little dream come true. These things happen.

Thank you, Betty. Ken and Claudia. Joyce. Kelley. All you good, good doctors.

Happy Valentine,
Sigma and Louise