Oldies but Goodies are still the best thing around (check out 13 yr old Henry’s new outlook on life)

It is often with a heavy heart that some of our senior kitties find their way to us and Henry was no different. In Henry’s case, he started his journey on New Years Day last year. His dad was being relocated into an assisted living facility and Henry was being surrendered because he had no one to take him in. Henry was depressed beyond imagine and went on a hunger strike. Over the next 6 months Henry learned that life does go on and that he could be happy again. Enter Bonnie whose beloved kitty Tabitha passed from cancer. Both Bonnie and Henry with their broken hearts found each other and each is helping the other to heal. Everything really does happen for a reason. And love really is a many splendored thing. And in Henry’s case love has given him a new leash on life to live it fully and to be happy. If only we could get more people to consider adopting a senior cat – they really are the most grateful for it because they know the fate they were spared. It truly does take a village and what each of us does really does make a difference in not only the feline’s world but in the human’s as well. Many thanks to Bonnie and her family and to Henry for keeping an open heart while it healed and for trusting us. Our cups runneth over!