Hospice Helpers

Hospice Care is all about providing comfort and support to people whose illnesses no longer respond to cure-oriented treatment. We recognize that cats can be an important element of this program and we are honored to help in any way we can. As long as the hospice patient’s caretakers are willing to take on the added responsibility of caring for a pet, we are happy to lend a Tails High cat to help smooth the way.
We became involved in hospice care when one man’s mother was in hospice and wanted a cat by her side in her final days. Neither he nor his wife had ever had a pet before, and didn’t have any idea as to where they could “rent a cat”.

Fortunately an extended family member was able to loan one of theirs, and the couple fell in love with being cat guardians. After a while they adopted two rescue cats, and became involved in rescuing others. A few short years later they had learned enough to be on the ground floor of a new rescue group called Tails High.

Sabrina was our first hospice cat, staying with a woman who was battling cancer. The patient’s sister wrote us this note shortly after Sabrina arrived: “Sabrina has truly been a God-send!! You should have seen my sister’s smile, when they met for the first time. Sabrina has captured the heart of everyone who meets her. My sister is so focused on Sabrina…”
Several weeks later we received a bittersweet follow up note: “On Sunday evening, my sister passed away. She fought hard with this cancer, but is now at peace. Sabrina helped her along at the end and I am very thankful for her. We still need Sabrina’s help through the early grief stages.”
Word spread and Sabrina was featured in several news articles, blogs, and radio shows, including USA Today, The Good News Network,and CalorieLab.
Hospice Helpers:
Our next Hospice Helpers were Beck and Rebecca, siblings who were rescued from a feral colony. They needed someone who could provide them with constant attention and love, and we were contacted by a woman whose sister was in hospice and had that attention and love to give. And when the time came for them to return to Tails High, they both went on to easily find forever homes.
Our current Hospice Helper is Ola. Her human was transferred abroad, and had to leave Ola behind in the care of a friend. Although she planned to send for Ola, a bad car accident derailed her plans and left her unable to care for her far-away cat. Ola arrived at Tails High, broken hearted over being left behind; but found a new purpose in life when we got a call asking for a cat for a woman who was in hospice. She now spends her days curled up at the side of her new friend, purring and looking out the window.