An update on Tabitha

We got this message from Kelley and Tabitha’s new mom and it’s too sweet to not share!

This is such a heartwarming letter about Tabitha who many of you may have met when she was at Petco. She came to us from Louise from her friend Martha whose coworker got divorced and for whatever reason was going to take Abbie and Tabitha to the shelter. Martha offered to rescue them first and she did. And then after many months with no outlet for adoption she got Louise to get them into Tails High.

Valentina, now Camilla

Here’s an update on Valentina (of Cupid and Valentina) who is now known as Camilla: Her new mama says,

“She is sooooo lovable and curious. She follows me everywhere and sleeps on my shoulder.”

Serena is a young woman from Bologna, Italy who is working here for an Italian firm in Arlington. She walked into Hallmark on a rainy Friday evening and fell in love with “Cupido” as I was packing them up to go to Mindful Hands. She returned to Mindful the next day and while Cupid had been spoken for, there was little Valentina just waiting to be noticed. The rest of the story is that Valentina aka Camilla will one day be an Italiana kitty, saying “ciao” instead of “meow,” having a side of capellini with her Fancy Feast and basking in a lovely ten-foot-high window… la dolce vita.

Valentina, now Camilla