Adoption Adventures December 10-11

Our three events this past weekend made for thrice the adoption success!

Our Tysons Petco event was less crowded than the others, but we were visited by more serious potential adopters. There was cuddling to be had by all. Two of our featured kitties, April and Curly, were shy but they warmed up as they were held repeatedly throughout the day.

I'm Curly, Moe's brother. Guess what my other brother's name is.


I'm April. Tails High is welcoming my two siblings tomorrow.
I'm April. Tails High will welcome my two siblings tomorrow.


Swirl, a classic brown tabby kitten, crawled into the lap of Maria, an 18-year-old passerby, who naturally couldn

TH Adoption Adventures, November 19-20, 2011


By Mary Baroch

What are the TH kitties thankful for this year? A comfy lap (or computer keyboard) to snooze on? The perfect window perch from which to gaze at falling leaves and pesky squirrels? The tireless, passionate efforts of our adoption advocates and volunteers?

We at Tails High truly give thanks for our four adoptions this past weekend at the Annandale Petco.

Tails High Adoption Adventures — November 12-13

We’re thrilled to welcome a new weekly column to our blog postings, “Tails High Adoption Adventures.” TH Adoption Leads will be contacting Advocate Mary B. every weekend to report on things that happened at their adoption venues that weekend, and Mary B. will post a blog entry. Here is the first column. I think after reading this, you’ll agree it’s a weekly must-read for TH Advocates and supporters.

In all, 13 of our cats and kittens found homes last weekend.

Scratching Post, Issue 3

Issue No. 3 September 20,