Abigail Update

Thankfully, Abigail seems to be healing very well without the extensive surgery we were afraid she’d need to repair her broken pelvis!

We’ve had her on “bed rest” in one room at her foster home for the past five weeks and slowly she began showing interest in climbing up on cat-desirable furniture and then she started to play! Abigail and her kitten Fletcher had begun wrestling and playing chase — slow, limited chase but still chase!

We’ve seen her exhibiting typical cat behaviors like stretching her front and then rear legs, choosing to lay higher up, off the ground, and playing with mouse toys.

Abigail runs to the door to greet every person who walks into her room. She walks right next to you rubbing herself on your legs until you sit down and then she hangs out loving all the petting she can get.

This past weekend, Fletcher was adopted with another Tails High cat and now Abigail is alone and looking for a place where she can finish healing and get lots of love and attention at the same time.

We think Abigail would be best in a no-kids home and someplace with a calm atmosphere where she can play and run at her own pace.

If you would like to help by fostering Abigail for a couple weeks, or maybe even adopting her please email us at meow@tailshigh.org.


Abigail Update

Abigail is slowly recovering from her broken pelvis. So far she is progressing well and is doing a wonderful job raising Fletcher, her kitten. As she’s feeling better, Abigail is starting to be inquisitive and wants to explore her space more and more. Because the vet wants Abigail to be limited in her movement while the bones are healing, her foster mom has created shallow steps to reduce the stress on her pelvis but still give her access to the litter box and the window where she can watch the wildlife.


An update from Tiny Tim himself!

I want to thank everyone who made donations to help pay for my surgeries. Your generosity made it possible for me to have the eye surgeries I needed and recuperate at a really nice foster home. I had my final surgery to help my eye shut properly and I’m so happy to have that cone of shame off for good. I have been adopted and I’m living the good life now! My new parents saw my story here on the blog and they couldn’t wait to adopt me.

At my new house I have a big sister who loves to play cat and mouse games with me and a big silly dog who gives me kisses. I’m so happy to have playmates but I’m ecstatic that I still have my favorite feather toys. I’ve staked out a great spot on top of this super cool tower and I like to spend my days sunbathing up there.

Thank you guys again for being so wonderful and helping me find this awesome new family.

Timy Tim

Timy Tim

Abigail needs our help!

Originally we heard this pretty girl with some old injuries and her kitten simply needed a new home and to leave a local shelter as soon as possible. Then we received word that another group sponsored some x-rays for Abigail because her back legs seemed stiff and found that her pelvis is broken in 3 locations — and this is a new injury! They suspect she has been hit by a car. Through all of this, she has continued to care for and nurse her one (possibly sole surviving) kitten. We’ve been told she’s about a year old, friendly, allows holding and even purrs.

Tails High has decided to take Abigail in as one of ours, provide her the necessary treatment, help her to heal and then find both her and her baby good, loving new homes.

She will be coming to us on Friday evening and will have an initial veterinary assessment on Saturday.

We don’t know yet if she’ll need surgery or what her recovery care might entail or cost but if you find it in your heart to help, we will accept donations via PayPal, by check, or by cash on her behalf. No donation is too small, it all helps. Please remember to note on your donation this is for Abigail’s surgery, general care, or a specific segment of her care.


Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was rescued about a month ago from outside and his rescuer discovered something big and bad tried to eat Tiny Tim for dinner. Poor guy had obvious wounds of where a tooth went through his skull and the upper part of his right eye. Luckily, Tiny Tim got away and found Tails High. He is recovering well, skull is healed and he gets daily drops in the eye until he can get his surgery next month. He loves to snuggle in your neck and is a lap kitty.

Tiny Tim’s painful condition requires surgery (ectropian eyelid repair) and medications costing $1500. He can’t blink without it! Will you help by donating today?

Tiny Tim

p.s. Tiny Tim got his name because he looks like a little munchkin. He has no tail and short little legs. He has a beautiful Maine Coone face and lion’s mane and long haired body but the body coloring doesn’t match the head (more gray on the body). He is very unique looking. When he was rescued he was covered in oil but a couple of baths later he has silky fur. The vet estimated 5 months of age but he is the size of a guinnea pig! And the blue round thing around his neck is called an ‘inflatable donut’ which is an alternative to the not so popular cone so that he doesn’t scratch the wound healing on his skull and right eye.

EVENT ALERT – FREE or Low-Cost Feral Cat Neutering and Vaccination

On March 10, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is sponsoring a FREE clinic for feral and stray cats from the Arlandria and Sanger Ave/Beauregard neighborhoods in Alexandria, which includes spay/neuter surgeries, rabies vaccination, and eartipping.

Don’t live in one of those neighborhoods?The clinic will also be offering $45 spay/neuter surgeries that day for feral and stray cats from other parts of Alexandria, and cats from outside of Alexandria altogether!

Reservations are required, and can be made online.Reserve your spaces now!

The Alexandria Caring Hands Animal Hospital is located at:

295 S. Van Dorn Street

Alexandria, VA 22304

If you are caring for outdoor cats and would like more information, or if you would like to volunteer to help trap, transport, or hold cats before and after surgery, please email TNR@AlexandriaAnimals.org or call 703-746-5581.

This clinic is part of an exciting new program through the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, who is partnering with Alley Cat Allies to get a new pro-TNR policy for feral cats off the ground. We’re excited to be a part of this great partnership to help the cats of Alexandria, and hope you will join us!


Alley Cat Allies

P.S. Learn more about the Trap-Neuter-Return program in Alexandria, and help spread the word by sharing this message with your friends and neighbors in and around Alexandria, especially in the Arlandria and Sanger Ave/Beauregard neighborhoods!

Adopting an Older Cat

Last year, I lost two beautiful older cats in the space of a couple months. I knew right away that I would adopt another cat. And after much thought, I decided I wanted it to be an older cat. Especially since they are harder for shelters to find homes for. Yet they have just as much love to give as any other cat.

I knew right away that I wanted Baby, an older tabby whose owner had died. I thought of how confusing and scary that must have been for him. And I wanted him to feel safe and loved, so I took him home.

It was a slow start for us, with him hiding most of the time at first. It required a bit of patience and lots of love but in the end it was worth it. He purrs up a storm when I pet him and is very vocal when I get the treats out. He curls up in the crook of my back sometimes when I sleep. He is very intelligent and loving.

I am sure he never felt he would have a loving home again at times and I am glad I am able to provide one. We may not have as many years together as if I had adopted a young cat, but the ones we do have will be wonderful.

Terri parsons


Sonny is slowly beginning to come around and fit into his new home. He is slowly learning to trust me for his food, clean litter-box,and his protection, his face is becoming big, bright and beautiful. He knows the sound of my footsteps, he meets me every morning in the dining room about 5:30am, or at the kitchen door, without me calling his name. I am stilling trying to work out the feeding arrangement, for now he knows his food is in his cage and that is where is is most comfortable eating, away from Amber (the friendly dog who eats Sonny’s breakfast!). If he sees Amber going into his space to eat his food he cries out for me to come and remove Amber, can you believe that? He doesn’t come into the kitchen when Amber is eating

Remembering Cosmi

In the spring of 1998, three DC teachers signed on to work with Ethel Beun and her newly-formed project, a cat room above a store, a back room where she took in rescues, strays and wild wild kitties of every variety. And it was wild. At that point the hobby had grown out-of-control to nearly seventy cats, many from the alleys of DC. They had names like Ray-Ray and the Gang, and Clyde, a little bruiser who hated humans but for some reason was adored by other cats.

Happy Valentine from Sigma and Louise

Sigma is a cat with “history” wrapped about his little silver body. What a Tails High story — is there any one of us who doesn’t recall his rescue by Betty, the naming of his litter with all those Greek names (Alpha, Beta, Delta etc.), or the dramatic, courageous commitment of Ken and Claudia when his unheard-of physical ailment was discovered (prolapsed rectum! yikes……). Claudia enfolded and held him through all those months of risky surgeries (I never at any time saw her without Sigma in her arms!) and both of you enveloped him in all the unconditional love and belief he needed. He survived it all, and was at last taken home by a most endearing young couple……….

Times change and people move on, and Sigma was recently returned to our fold. Our commitment to him held fast and Kelley yesterday called upon him for Petco DC, along with Louise, Joyce’s foster — a newly-arrived tiny sprightly lass with a plumy gray tail who clearly had her sights on better things than that miserable cage at Petco, this close to St. Valentine’s Day!

Quickly they settled in together. Louise, by Sigma’s side, groomed him as he napped, then nestled in right on top of him! As the snowstorm howled and the winds began, Leslie, Jenny and I watched them sleep with love and acceptance in their hearts. We thought, no adopter will come here today, but it’s okay because these two happy souls and we are all safe and warm. No harm done at least, if no rescue in sight…..

HOW little did we know. Outside, one singularly hearty pair of neighbors, Kate and Stephen, out walking in the storm, noticed our sign at Petco. They laughingly imagined a “bonded pair” of kitties to rescue, to celebrate their own happy marriage and good life! What a lark! Good naturedly they bounded down the stairs of our ancient Petco and walked in upon…..the scene described above. They absolutely froze. It was exactly the scene they had imagined. Two soft, silvery cats entwined in sleep together. As they spent the afternoon holding Sigma and Louise one by one, learning their detailed stories, taking a million photos for the family and “Grandma,” they slowly and eventually came to realize that this was a kind of predestined event for them. No accident at all. These two animals were in fact their little dream come true. These things happen.

Thank you, Betty. Ken and Claudia. Joyce. Kelley. All you good, good doctors.

Happy Valentine,
Sigma and Louise

Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress

As I ascend the steps to the entrance of the building I see her gazing out the window wistfully from the third floor. Her eyes slowly scan the world below from right and left as if to say, “who will rescue me?” Other than the sorrowful moans from her broken heart, she is voiceless, and her wordless pleas are ignored. Her window faces an elementary school, so day after day hundreds of people walk by her window, but never sense her presence.

She spies me as I reach the top step of the entryway and for a brief moment our eyes meet. As soon as I make it to the hallway of the third floor I hear her calling out to me. The turning of the key in the top lock amplifies the volume of her cries. Can others hear her? Do they think she’s been kidnapped and being held against her will.

Twisting the doorknob, then I push it open and she runs up and rubs her face against my calves. I bend down to pick her up and proceed to stroke her back the cry softens and turns into a purr. Raising her head to offer her chin to me, her sweet spot, she now has completely calmed down because I am the rescuer.

She was acquired a few months ago from Tails High after being abandoned in an apartment, but over the last few months she has been there for me in more ways than one. After a rough day at work, she’s always there to greet me with love. When I feel homesick for my family back home she makes me smile when I throw her toys that she gladly loves to wrestle. Sometimes she will dart across room to chase down imaginary prey and this is hysterical. Even though she will sometimes try to sit on my lap top while I am working, I don’t mind. I even envy her openness about wanting affection.

For the price of warm, safe, shelter, food, water, and daily playtime, she brings me endless hours of joy and the truth is that the damsel in distress that was rescued was me.

Thanks Tabitha Mabel!

Adoption Adventures December 17-18

Holiday fever is kicking in! Adoption Advocate Joan reported that we had three young kitties adopted this weekend at Petco: April, Bright Heart, and Curly. The event was quiet at first, but the generous spirit of the season must have had an effect on passersby, inspiring them to adopt our special cats. All of the adopting families immediately fell in love with their new felines, and didn