Alexander the Great

Alexander after surgery with his e-collar

Alexander came to us from a local shelter as a tiny kitten along with his mom (Cass) and his siblings. He seemed fine but we recently noticed Alexander had started squinting and hanging out
with his eyes closed more often and for longer than we’re comfortable seeing. We scheduled a visit with Dr. Micki Armour, a veterinary ophthalmologist. Her expertise in dealing with any eye
issue has well been worth the drive to her Leesburg practice!

We found out that Alexander was born with an eye condition in his right eye called a corneal dermoid which needed to be treated surgically. This means a small patch of skin was growing on his
eye. That skin was growing hair which was painful, was causing him to squint and his eyes also teared up. Without correction, this could have caused a corneal ulcer, which most of us may know
as a scratch on his cornea. With a very delicate micro surgical procedure, the hair and skin can be removed to prevent this from happening.

Alexander has had his surgery and the dermoid was successfully removed. He’s on the mend, comfortable again, and will be ready for adoption very soon. Alexander and Tails High would greatly
appreciate any and all donations to help with the $1,400 bill for this much needed surgery and related care.