Adopting an Older Cat

Last year, I lost two beautiful older cats in the space of a couple months. I knew right away that I would adopt another cat. And after much thought, I decided I wanted it to be an older cat. Especially since they are harder for shelters to find homes for. Yet they have just as much love to give as any other cat.

I knew right away that I wanted Baby, an older tabby whose owner had died. I thought of how confusing and scary that must have been for him. And I wanted him to feel safe and loved, so I took him home.

It was a slow start for us, with him hiding most of the time at first. It required a bit of patience and lots of love but in the end it was worth it. He purrs up a storm when I pet him and is very vocal when I get the treats out. He curls up in the crook of my back sometimes when I sleep. He is very intelligent and loving.

I am sure he never felt he would have a loving home again at times and I am glad I am able to provide one. We may not have as many years together as if I had adopted a young cat, but the ones we do have will be wonderful.

Terri parsons