Help Us Adopt Matty and Dallas

Matty and Dallas have become long term residents of Tails High. For the month of March we would like to highlight these two special cats in an effort to find them their forever homes. Please use this link to share these special cats with friends and family, help us get them adopted!
Matty is an older but beautiful soul who had somehow ended up on the streets, relying on the kindness of strangers for at least 4 years before coming to Tails High. Her name derives from the fact that her coat was so badly matted when she arrived it had to be shaved. Now that it’s grown back in she’s learned to enjoy frequent brushings. Although cautious in a new home, once she decides that you’re an acceptable person she will flop down on top of your feet in order to hold you in place, so that you have no choice but to pet her. She then flips over onto her back for belly rubs, purring so loudly that she can be heard in the next room. She chases the laser pointer like she’s still a kitten, and will even answer when called, quickly trotting over. She enjoys lying with her head on your lap, or curling up in a cat bed (a suitably comfy one, of course). She’s very tidy about the litter box, never kicking litter out onto the floor. While willing to share her space with other cats, she prefers to remain aloof from them. Unless of course it’s her special friend Squeakie, who has been fostered with her for over a year now. While they can be separated, we’d love it if our odd couple could find a forever home to live out their golden years together.
Matty Dallas
Dallas is a puzzle loving tabby boy with bright green eyes, who specializes in un-sorting sorted puzzle pieces. He is very people oriented, and will follow his person from room to room, mewing softly if he can’t find them. He will hop up next to you on the sofa for cuddles, purring like a little steam engine and looking utterly blissful when his head, ears, nose and chin are rubbed. Dallas is willing to help warm up the bed for you, but he prefers to sleep in his cat tree. If given the choice between a scratching post and the couch, he’ll choose the scratching post; and at meal times he’ll watch the preparations intently, then eagerly gallop over to his eating area. Dallas’s inner goofball comes out when it’s playtime (which is often!), and he has successfully fallen out of his cat tree due to his determination to catch his favorite toy