Abigail Update

Thankfully, Abigail seems to be healing very well without the extensive surgery we were afraid she’d need to repair her broken pelvis!

We’ve had her on “bed rest” in one room at her foster home for the past five weeks and slowly she began showing interest in climbing up on cat-desirable furniture and then she started to play! Abigail and her kitten Fletcher had begun wrestling and playing chase — slow, limited chase but still chase!

We’ve seen her exhibiting typical cat behaviors like stretching her front and then rear legs, choosing to lay higher up, off the ground, and playing with mouse toys.

Abigail runs to the door to greet every person who walks into her room. She walks right next to you rubbing herself on your legs until you sit down and then she hangs out loving all the petting she can get.

This past weekend, Fletcher was adopted with another Tails High cat and now Abigail is alone and looking for a place where she can finish healing and get lots of love and attention at the same time.

We think Abigail would be best in a no-kids home and someplace with a calm atmosphere where she can play and run at her own pace.

If you would like to help by fostering Abigail for a couple weeks, or maybe even adopting her please email us at meow@tailshigh.org.