Young Adults

While technically not kittens anymore, these kitties are definitely still kids. Their bottomless energy stores combined with their love of toys make them the biggest stars of our Adoption Events.

Little Guy, Male, 1 1/2-2 Years Old

checking out a new family

Little Guy

Hi! My name is Little Guy and I’d love to be your best buddy. I purr a lot, especially when people talk to me. I’m not much of a talker myself but will answer when you ask me a question. I’m still a young boy, so I need room to play and jump. My favorite toys have feathers and spin around and I enjoy high perches from which to look out the window. My foster mom thinks I might enjoy a kitty friend to help me run off some of my energy.
What would you get if you brought me home? A loyal companion who will follow you around the house to see what you’re doing. I’m not much of a lap cat, yet, but I enjoy soft blankets and snuggling next to you. As my trust in you grows, I might become a lap cat.
What do you think? Ready to get to know me more?

Little Guy

Lily, Female, 1 1/2-2 Years Old

checking out a new family


Lily’s tale is sadly not an unusual one. A happy little kitten with a happy home, until her human dad lost first his job, and then his home. So Lily is now with Tails High, hoping to find a new home. This sweet girl scoffs at all bad stereotypes of black cats, considering them to be ridiculous and beneath her notice. She also scoffs at all negative stereotypes of cats in general. She is very gentle and good natured; and gets along with every cat, young or old, that she’s ever met. When you call her name she will instantly scamper to your side, purring as she climbs into your lap to be snuggled. Petite Lily has no objections to being picked up and carried – she simply views it as another form of snuggling. If a wand toy is produced she will instantly pounce, tail and whiskers twitching. When left to her own devices, Lily will stay at the window for hours, watching the birds and squirrels outside.

Icy, Female, Young


Meet Icy, our (not actually) skateboarding cat! Truthfully, she just saw the skateboard one morning and decided it would make an acceptable perch. Icy was first spotted as a tiny little ball of orange fluff hiding under a bush; and it was months before she was willing to allow herself to be caught and brought inside. Since that time, our resident cat trainer has been patiently working with the once-feral girl, helping her adapt to indoor life and being around people. Icy has made great strides and is ready to start looking for a new home, but she’ll need experienced cat people who will continue to work with her. Icy likes to be near her people, has learned that she does enjoy being petted, and has even worked up the courage to not panic if she’s picked up. She will come when called, and would be equally fine being around other cats or by herself. Playing with toys is still something of a mystery to Icy, although the laser dot does get her attention.

Fun fact: most orange tabby cats are male. Icy is the rare female orange tabby.

Jarvis, Male, Young Adult

checking out a new family


Handsome tabby cat Jarvis arrived on his rescuers porch one evening, and has stayed there ever since. And while the porch is lovely, he’d really prefer to be a house cat, as evidenced by his repeated attempts to sneak in to the house whenever there’s an open door. Jarvis is a lovable, friendly boy who is on equally good terms with both children and adults. He loves to rub against people’s legs while chatting about his day, and will lean in for a head bonk when picked up. All of us, Jarvis included, would love to see him safely inside before the cold weather hits.

Whitney, Female, Young Adult


Whitney’s favorite activity in the world is to lie next to her person, getting rubs. Her next favorite thing in the world is being brushed. In fact, anyone who promises to brush her on a daily basis will have a devoted feline friend for life; and an offer of brushings will help overcome her initial caution around new people. Whitney does her best to maintain a certain level of decorum, and likes to insist that she’s far too dignified to scamper about like a silly kitten playing with toys. But then she spots the laser light, and all attempts at cat-like dignity are promptly forgotten as she eagerly chases the light around the room. Another favorite is the rainbows cast by crystal prisms hanging from windows – although she tries to only chase and pounce at those (the rainbows, not the crystals) when she thinks you’re not looking. Because if Whitney catches you watching her chasing rainbows, she will immediately try to pretend that she was doing no such thing and that you imagined the whole scenario. Whitney has requested that her future home include a corrugated cardboard scratching pad, as those are her favorite. If her future home could include her best friend Bones as well, she would greatly appreciate it (although she’s willing to consider going it alone).

Tigger, Male, 2-4 Years Old

checking out a new family


Tigger is, as his name suggests, friendly and playful. The friendliest and playfulest! He loves everybody, including young children and dogs. Other loves include cuddling and staying close by his people. Tigger will head-butt nuzzle any chance he gets, and he’ll also give you kitty licks. According to behaviourists, that means he considers you part of his family. So even though kitty tongues are a bit rough, give him a head rub as a thank you. If you do that, Tigger will give you a slow blink while purring, and then bounce off to play.

Cleo, Female, 6 Years Old


Cleo was originally rescued out in Denver and moved here with her family, and must now find a new home. She is a super friendly cat who will greet everyone who walks in the door with purrs and offers to snuggle. This expressive tabby likes to be up high, and that includes spending time with you. If given the opportunity, expect to find Cleo perched on your shoulder (she doesn’t mind if you get up and walk around – shoulder rides are fun!). She is a playful girl, both with her brother and with people, and likes to chat about the world around her (based on the shape of her face and voice, we strongly suspect she’s got some Siamese in her). She is very gentle and patient with young children – she’s been chased around and had her tail grabbed, and not once has she ever hissed or lashed out with claws (although she may look for a nearby adult and request rescue, perhaps in the form of a shoulder that’s out of reach of small children). Cleo would very much like to be the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up to find her curled at your feet, sleeping comfortably; as well as the last thing you see at night – also curled at your feet, sleeping comfortably. Cleo is fine as a solo cat, or as a pair with her brother Tony.

Cleo & Felix, Mother and Son, 7 Years Old and 6 Years Old

Cleo & Felix

Meet Cleo & Felix, a mother son pair in need of a new home. Cleo was a young mother – she’s estimated to be 7 while Felix is a mere year her junior (6). Cleo is the pretty little tuxie with the sleek & glossy coat; and she can be counted upon to be affectionate and to seek out laps to sit in. Felix is the fluffy-coated boy with the extra fluffy tail and big green eyes. He is somewhat shy, and is utterly convinced that he is Cleo’s shadow – Felix will follow her around and run to her when he’s frightened by loud noises. The pair provide entertainment for all when a cat video is put up on the TV or computer screen as they will watch it intently, or when they chase after and play with each other or their toys.

Chewy, Male, 6 Years Old


Meet Chewy! He’s currently a Tails High Foster waiting for his perfect forever home and boy does he deserve one!
An incredibly friendly medium haired cat named Chewy (for his Chewbacca-esque appearance) is seeking his forever home. Chewy is a very mellow cat who likes spending time near his humans and on laps (when not driving the Millennium Falcon through the galaxy). He’s a wonderful companion and has a sweet and loving temperament. He’s constantly purring and enjoys napping, gazing out windows…and when feeling spunky, a string or laser toy. He is six years old and is special needs.