Young Adults

While technically not kittens anymore, these kitties are definitely still kids. Their bottomless energy stores combined with their love of toys make them the biggest stars of our Adoption Events.

Tommy Lee, Male, 1-2 Years Old

Tommy Lee

This sweet boy is between 1-2 years old and was taken in by a Good Samaritan who knew he needed a good home indoors. Tommy is a real talker! His foster mom says he actually talks back when you call his name and will follow you throughout the house. He’s as affectionate as he is handsome! If you’re interested in meeting Tommy Lee, send us a message!
Tommy Lee was all alone and on his own outside, begging to be accepted. Now he is overjoyed at the prospect of being your sweet indoor kitty! This big handsome guy loves head-rubs and to nap near you when you are reading, watching TV or at your desk. He’s playful too but just happy to be with you quietly.

Tommy Lee

Flea, Female, 1 1/2 Years Old


It’s hard to believe this pretty girl was found wandering the streets in Annandale! Flea is a young lady, about a year and a half old, and still has some kitten spunk to her! She is such a sweet girl and a true Tails High kitty because her tail is always straight up in the air like she has a spring in it. She’s truly a beauty inside and out with a great personality.

Lily, Female, 1 1/2-2 Years Old

checking out a new family


Lily’s tale is sadly not an unusual one. A happy little kitten with a happy home, until her human dad lost first his job, and then his home. So Lily is now with Tails High, hoping to find a new home. This sweet girl scoffs at all bad stereotypes of black cats, considering them to be ridiculous and beneath her notice. She also scoffs at all negative stereotypes of cats in general. She is very gentle and good natured; and gets along with every cat, young or old, that she’s ever met. When you call her name she will instantly scamper to your side, purring as she climbs into your lap to be snuggled. Petite Lily has no objections to being picked up and carried – she simply views it as another form of snuggling. If a wand toy is produced she will instantly pounce, tail and whiskers twitching. When left to her own devices, Lily will stay at the window for hours, watching the birds and squirrels outside.

Goldie, Male, 2 Years Old


If you’re searching for a kitty that’s as good as gold, look no further than Goldie! This handsome boy is about 2 years old and while he is a bit shy and scared from his time at the shelter, he would do very well with a cat experienced adopter that will give him time to warm up. Goldie is understandably confused finding himself without a home as he was surrendered by his owners and wants a new home to flourish in.

Cinnamon, Female, 2 1/2 Years Old

checking out a new family


Meet Cinnamon! This 2 1/2 year old girl was unfortunately surrendered when her family lost their home. She is very playful, full of energy and extremely affectionate. Cinnamon loves to cuddle and sleep with her people which she is clearly missing now. Do you have a place in your heart and home for this sweetie?

Athena, Female, 4 Years Old


Inquisitive and outgoing, Athena makes it her mission to carefully guard the house from all intruders, running up to the door to inspect all those who enter. She takes her guard duties very seriously, although she will lose the serious attitude and turn into a furry little chatterbox once she’s established that you are in fact the person she was expecting. Athena is an active girl who enjoys playing fetch, chasing or being chased about the house, and even being (gently!) tossed on the couch so that she can jump off of it and come scampering back to you. She would likely accept another cat as a playmate if given a proper introduction, but she also does just find on her own. Athena does startle easily, but then curiosity gets the better of her and she comes back out to play. She can also be found at the window, chattering at the birds or squirrels just out of reach.

Icy, Female, Young


Meet Icy, our (not actually) skateboarding cat! Truthfully, she just saw the skateboard one morning and decided it would make an acceptable perch. Icy was first spotted as a tiny little ball of orange fluff hiding under a bush; and it was months before she was willing to allow herself to be caught and brought inside. Since that time, our resident cat trainer has been patiently working with the once-feral girl, helping her adapt to indoor life and being around people. Icy has made great strides and is ready to start looking for a new home, but she’ll need experienced cat people who will continue to work with her. Icy likes to be near her people, has learned that she does enjoy being petted, and has even worked up the courage to not panic if she’s picked up. She will come when called, and would be equally fine being around other cats or by herself. Playing with toys is still something of a mystery to Icy, although the laser dot does get her attention.

Fun fact: most orange tabby cats are male. Icy is the rare female orange tabby.

Pepper, Female, Adult

checking out a new family


Pepper is the life of the party and belle of the ball, and could easily teach a course on Social Graces. She loves people and will greet you at the door, ask you about your day and tell you about hers. When you sit down she becomes the quintessential lap cat, and will gaze at you with her lovely green eyes while kneading (or making biscuits, or making happy paws, or making starfish paws – choose your colloquialism!) on the nearest soft surface. She also adorably loves to suckle on soft things such as a blanket, her cat bed, or potentially your shirt. This calico fluffball is good with other cats and would potentially do fine with dogs.

Candy & Cane, Females, 5 Years Old


Candy and Cane are two lovely, lovable tortie sisters looking for a new home. As kittens the sisters entertained hopes of making it big in the wrestling world; but as they’ve matured they’ve come to realize that alas, it was never meant to be. They still keep in shape though with a short daily wrestling match, followed up by a grooming session. After which they wander off to investigate different parts of the house, alerting each other if something interesting is spotted – generally in the form of a bird or squirrel on the other side of the window, which will provoke the silly little chatter sounds from both cats. Candy is the larger sister, with medium length, super fluffy fur, and a black nose. Cane is slightly smaller with an orange nose; and both sisters share gorgeous green eyes. Candy is a foot cat, and on your feet is her preferred sleeping spot at night; while Cane is likely to sneak up to the head of the bed and share your pillow. They both love attention – Candy will happily lounge on the couch with you and request pettings, while Cane will find her way close to your head and nuzzle. Cane is slightly shy with new people, but with her sister encouraging her she’s willing to give new people a chance after an appropriate period of inspecting them from afar. They are also not fussy when it comes to the source of attention – they happily snuggle and purr with adults and children alike. We would of course love to see these sisters adopted together, but they could probably adjust if you only have room in your home for one.


Binger, Male, 6 Years Old


The tuxedo’d Binger is dressed to the nines, and acts it. He loves to be in the center of the action – he will greet you (and everyone else, for that matter) at the door, follow you about, ask questions about what you’re doing, and is determined to figure out how to open doors. He’s an inquisitive cat, after all, and there might be something fascinating on the other side of that closed door! He will happily sleep on your legs when it’s time for bed, or curl up next to you on the couch when it’s time to Netflix & chill. However, do not rub the belly! Even if he has rolled over on his back. It’s also a good idea to let him see your hand before petting him, as he may lightly nip if startled. Binger greatly appreciates outdoor time, and can manage on a leash & harness; although if you have the space for an outdoor enclosure he’d be thrilled. Binger currently takes Prozac to help manage stress, and is allergic to poultry. He has made his opinions on the presence of other animals known, and has the firmly held belief that he is to be the only pet in the household. He may be willing to accept an aquarium, but don’t be surprised if you find him attempting to go fishing if there is one.

Jarvis, Male, Young Adult

checking out a new family


Handsome tabby cat Jarvis arrived on his rescuers porch one evening, and has stayed there ever since. And while the porch is lovely, he’d really prefer to be a house cat, as evidenced by his repeated attempts to sneak in to the house whenever there’s an open door. Jarvis is a lovable, friendly boy who is on equally good terms with both children and adults. He loves to rub against people’s legs while chatting about his day, and will lean in for a head bonk when picked up. All of us, Jarvis included, would love to see him safely inside before the cold weather hits.

Mia, Female, 2-4 Years Old


The many faces of Mia! Mia is an extraordinary kitty. From her striking eyes to her loving demeanor, she would make a wonderful companion for someone looking to love and be loved. Mia came to Tails High as a stray and is estimated to be between 2-4 years old. We can’t believe she hasn’t been adopted yet because she is, as we said, truly amazing!

Momo, Male, 4 Years Old


Momo is a bit like an onion – he has layers. The outer layer that you first meet is shy and easily frightened, which will lead to rapid scampering to the nearest hidey spots. After time though, and peeling back the layers of shyness (a new layer gets added whenever a new person is introduced), you will reach the playful little purr-monster that he really is. Momo adores being scritched behind the years (the activity most likely to induce purring), and you will know that you have truly peeled back all of the onion layers the night that Momo hops up on the bed to snuggle with you at night. Playtime is best when it involves plastic sticks, catnip mousies, paper bags, and empty laundry baskets. This cute little house panther is of the special variety that will go exploring outdoors on a leash and harness – just keep an eye out for dogs as Momo is very frightened of them. Momo has one request for his new person (two requests, if you include that he wants you to protect him from dogs) – he requires a special diet to prevent UTIs. The food is easily acquired, and he’s quite happy eating it.

"Kitty", Female, 5 Years Old (Estimated)

picture pending

This sweet little cat appeared on her caretakers porch one evening, a place where she has continued to seek sanctuary. Her caretakers recently contacted us and asked if we could help find her a home – the other neighborhood cats beat up on her, and she has lost the sight in one of her eyes. She doesn’t actually have a name, but she is friendly and quiet, and absolutely adores being petted. Don’t let her appearance alarm you – on a recent trip to the vet she received what is known as a lion cut, due to her fur being horribly matted. But when it grows back in she has beautiful long black fur with white tuxedo markings. If you have a safe place, this little stray would love nothing more than to have a name, a warm bed inside a house, a person to call her own, and an endless supply of pettings.