Young Adults

While technically not kittens anymore, these kitties are definitely still kids. Their bottomless energy stores combined with their love of toys make them the biggest stars of our Adoption Events.

Checkers, Male, 1 Year Old

checking out a new family


Checkers appeared on the doorstep of a home one day, looking bedraggled and pathetic, with a malnourished frame and an injured shoulder. Fortunately the doorstep he choose belonged to a pair of rescuers who promptly scooped him up and took him to the vet. The vet is where he got his name, as in the process of treating his injury they discovered that his skin has a checkerboard pattern underneath the tuxedo coat. Since being rescued, Checkers has displayed an insatiable appetite for food and nuzzling. His favorite game is to chase a piece of string about; his second favorite game is to find the best possible spot for napping in. The handsome tuxedo boy is not quite sure if he enjoys sitting on laps, although he’s willing to work on the experience with you. He adores attention, and you can expect to encounter an offended attitude if you have to leave him before he’s ready for you to leave. And he does request that you always pay attention to him when petting, as he will sometimes decide that he’s had enough, and if you don’t notice the change in body language he will tap you with a paw to let you know it’s time to stop. In other words, Checkers will treat you as a kitten and discipline you the only way he knows how.


Icy, Female, Young


Meet Icy, our (not actually) skateboarding cat! Truthfully, she just saw the skateboard one morning and decided it would make an acceptable perch. Icy was first spotted as a tiny little ball of orange fluff hiding under a bush; and it was months before she was willing to allow herself to be caught and brought inside. Since that time, our resident cat trainer has been patiently working with the once-feral girl, helping her adapt to indoor life and being around people. Icy has made great strides and is ready to start looking for a new home, but she’ll need experienced cat people who will continue to work with her. Icy likes to be near her people, has learned that she does enjoy being petted, and has even worked up the courage to not panic if she’s picked up. She will come when called, and would be equally fine being around other cats or by herself. Playing with toys is still something of a mystery to Icy, although the laser dot does get her attention.

Fun fact: most orange tabby cats are male. Icy is the rare female orange tabby.

MeeMee, Female, Young Adult

checking out a new family


MeeMee is an affectionate, loving girl who will happily follow her person everywhere they go. Her favorite activities include snuggling in your arms, purring, and being petted; and she’s not above climbing into your lap to make this happen. This elegant little torbi also adores cuddling with you while you sleep, and you’ll drift off listening to her rumbling purr while she radiates contentment and well being. And if it’s not bedtime yet and she feels the need to nap, expect her to lie next to you on the couch, with a single paw outstretched to touch you (if she’s not just snuggled up right next to you). While generally mellow, Meemee does love playtime. Cat dignity and elegance go right out the window as she hunts her toy mice, with the tip of her little pink tongue sticking out. Her cue to you that it is playtime will be when she hops up next to you on the couch and drops a toy mouse next to you; or when she hops into the bathtub (when it’s not filled with water, of course). When she’s in the tub, the expectation is that you will throw a toy mouse in for her to bat around and chase across the smooth curving surface. At other times you can find her looking out the window, tail lashing as she chatters excitedly at birds or squirrels outside. Meemee has soft, silky smooth fur and brilliant green eyes, and is the perfect cat for snuggles and playtime.


Inky, Female, 2 Years Old (estimated)


Inky turned up in her rescuers yard last fall, and while friendly to humans she wasn’t too sure about this whole making friends business. After much patience (and treats) on the part of her rescuers, she was eventually persuaded that people were trustworthy and that, as a cat, she was fully capable of getting them to do what she wanted. And then she learned that houses are warm and have soft spots to nap in. Inky happily moved in at that point. She is a quick learner, and knows that it’s in her best interest to keep her people happy, so it won’t take long to teach her to not jump on the kitchen counter to steal some chicken off of your plate. Inky is an affectionate mini-panther, and while she’s still getting used to being picked up and held, her laid-back, snuggle bug nature is easily evident. She enjoys snuggling up beside her people or snuggling in their laps, and if scritched in just the right spot her tail curls into a corkscrew. Favorite toys are wine corks, sparkle balls, and crinkly paper. Sweet-tempered Inky has a stated preference for quiet environments with no dogs.

Rodger, Male, 2 Years Old

checking out a new family


Rodger was found wandering about PG County, friendly but emaciated. It was clear that he’d either gotten trapped somewhere, or he’s just a terrible hunter and wasn’t able to feed himself. Unsurprisingly, since being rescued, Rodger has shown a deep and abiding appreciation for food and will happily eat anything that’s put in front of him. He’s also shown a deep and abiding appreciation for people who are willing to pet him (we suspect he’s making up for lost time). Rodger wants to be with people all the time, and to demonstrate this he’s highly interactive and affectionate. He’s clearly listening when you talk to him, and wants you to know that he listens best if you’re petting him while talking. And he absolutely adores having the top of his head & back of his neck rubbed – he will bow his head until his chin is on his chest and lean into the rubs. Rodger is comfortable around other cats and doesn’t mind sharing a space with them; and sometimes he will tolerate having a toy mouse balanced on his head.


Tigger, Male, 2-4 Years Old

checking out a new family


Tigger is, as his name suggests, friendly and playful. The friendliest and playfulest! He loves everybody, including young children and dogs. Other loves include cuddling and staying close by his people. Tigger will head-butt nuzzle any chance he gets, and he’ll also give you kitty licks. According to behaviourists, that means he considers you part of his family. So even though kitty tongues are a bit rough, give him a head rub as a thank you. If you do that, Tigger will give you a slow blink while purring, and then bounce off to play.

Rita, Female, 3 Years Old (estimated)


Little Rita was picked up in a TNR sweep, all but running into the Have a Heart trap, and when it was time to return her to the feral colony she very emphatically indicated that she did not want to go back outside. After observing that she had mobility issues, the colony caretaker agreed with Rita – she was not to go back outside. The vet diagnosed the sweet orange tabby with Ricketts, a result of malnutrition when she was a kitten. This means that her bones are bowed, so she has a funny looking walk and can’t jump very high. So Rita is clearly the perfect cat if you want a guarantee that she won’t hop up onto the kitchen counter! Lovely green eyes will give you happy slow blinks as she lounges next to you on the couch, or from the windowsill where she is basking in a sunbeam. Lounging and being near people are sweet Rita’s favorite activities. She is an affectionate girl who adores people, but who does not adore other cats due to being treated badly by the colony cats due to her mobility issues. Rita needs a home where people will be willing to provide accommodations (steps or ramps) to help her get up to the bed for snuggle time, and the couch for snuggle time, and likely to the computer desk for snuggle time. In return for these accommodations, you will receive, obviously, lots of quality snuggle time with a happy, purring cat.

Becca, Female, 3-5 Years Old

checking out a new family

Following up on reports of a stray cat, Becca’s rescuer found her shivering under the porch of an empty house, desperately trying to stay warm. No one knows how long she’d been outside, but once she’d been brought inside, it was clear that she had clearly been someone’s pet during a happier period in her life. Becca has recovered from her outdoor experiences, and is once again a happy housecat. She loves to be in the middle of all the action, and if she can be the center of attention at the same time, so much the better. She’s a very interactive girl, loves to play with all the typical toys, and has a soft, squeaky little voice. Becca adores being petted, and we suspect that she’s at least part Manx as she exhibits several Manx-like traits: long back legs, no tail, and she hops like a bunny.


Beck, Male, 6 Years Old

checking out a new family


Green eyed Beck has been a devoted companion cat to 2 different people, both of whom were older women with special needs. He’s asked to be retired from the life of a service cat and now wants to find his very own, permanent home. As would be expected of a cat like this, Beck is extremely gentle and kind, and doesn’t have a bad thing to say about anyone. He’s always happy, and greets everyone with head bonks and requests for rubs. He snuggles right in if picked up, and really, he just adores attention. If humans aren’t available Beck will content himself with a catnip toy – the current favorite is a catnip filled carrot that he likes to lick. This lovely tabby (his markings are called ‘ticked’ and help give his coat an extra sheen) would be the ideal cat for people who are getting their first cat. As a bonus he even gets along with other cats!

Cleo, Female, 6 Years Old

checking out a new family


Cleo was originally rescued out in Denver and moved here with her family, and must now find a new home. She is a super friendly cat who will greet everyone who walks in the door with purrs and offers to snuggle. This expressive tabby likes to be up high, and that includes spending time with you. If given the opportunity, expect to find Cleo perched on your shoulder (she doesn’t mind if you get up and walk around – shoulder rides are fun!). She is a playful girl, both with her brother and with people, and likes to chat about the world around her (based on the shape of her face and voice, we strongly suspect she’s got some Siamese in her). She is very gentle and patient with young children – she’s been chased around and had her tail grabbed, and not once has she ever hissed or lashed out with claws (although she may look for a nearby adult and request rescue, perhaps in the form of a shoulder that’s out of reach of small children). Cleo would very much like to be the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up to find her curled at your feet, sleeping comfortably; as well as the last thing you see at night – also curled at your feet, sleeping comfortably. Cleo is fine as a solo cat, or as a pair with her brother Tony.

Ferdinand, Male, 6 Years Old


Ferdinand starts off shy, but once he gets to know you turns into a fuzzy purring ball of affection. With Ferdinand about you can expect to have your hand nudged with a kitty nose if you stop petting him too soon; and he’ll then express his thanks for the petting by holding your hand between his paws while he licks your fingers. If you happen to be sitting down or standing still and Ferdinand is next to you, he’ll sit up on his haunches like a little meerkat and balance his paws against your leg, looking up hopefully. And not only is this spotted boy affectionate, he’s helpful too! Ferdinand will let you know when it’s bedtime by heading up to the bed to help warm it up for you, and then cuddling with you as you fall asleep.

Cleo & Felix, Mother and Son, 7 Years Old and 6 Years Old

Cleo & Felix

Meet Cleo & Felix, a mother son pair in need of a new home. Cleo was a young mother – she’s estimated to be 7 while Felix is a mere year her junior (6). Cleo is the pretty little tuxie with the sleek & glossy coat; and she can be counted upon to be affectionate and to seek out laps to sit in. Felix is the fluffy-coated boy with the extra fluffy tail and big green eyes. He is somewhat shy, and is utterly convinced that he is Cleo’s shadow – Felix will follow her around and run to her when he’s frightened by loud noises. The pair provide entertainment for all when a cat video is put up on the TV or computer screen as they will watch it intently, or when they chase after and play with each other or their toys.